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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 33 - A Fun Way Forward

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
It started out simple enough. I'd first heard about Burger Bear here on the sub in this thread. It turned out that they were one of a few restaurants that seemed actively interested in accepting Dogecoin. It seemed like a really cool idea so I casually put forward an offer:
If anyone wanted a burger there, let me know and I'll buy them one.
And while that offer was still hanging in the air, I thought 'hey, why not do a solid for some hungry person in London?' So I hopped on twitter and sent 8K DOGE (the cost of a burger there) to @BurgerBearTom just to give to some random person.
As it turns out, my earlier offer had also been accepted, by elemesh. It was too late in the day to grab one, but I left the offer open, if he wanted one, just send me a PM anytime and we'd work it out.
Soelemesh did. At 6am EST the next day.
See, I'm not in London. I'm on a whole other continent.
And I'd just woken up. In fact, I was just starting to prep my Of Wolves and Weasels post for the day when I saw it - a casual PM about how I probably wasn't going to be awake anyway but if I was, he was going to be heading out for lunch in a couple of hours and figured he might as well head up that way. Well, since I was up, I shot back a PM... and that turned out into a whole flurry of PMs as he made his way there and got on site and such.
Again, I tipped the money to @BurgerBeartom via @tipdoge on Twitter. I thought it would just be a bit of a laugh, but the whole process - even though I'm a whole continent away - it turned out be an incredibly easy, really fun and, frankly, satisfying experience.
Needless to say, my laugh turned into a 'hmmm' after elemesh posted this thread.
And then felloutboy who'd also, apparently, stopped by there and had one, shared these:
And then he sent me this:
It was actually a really inspiring moment - so, thank you for that felloutboy!
I realized I still had a small chunk of change kicking around from moolah_'s and allthegoodunsaregone's massive tips/donations a while back. So I thought: I wonder if I put up for offer 10 free burgers at BurgerBear, paid for with Dogecoins, would there be any takers?
So I launched this thread.
And then realized, sadly, that by the time I'd had this little brainwave of mine, things were starting to close up proper over in the UK. Blarg.
Yesterday morning at 6am I got up extra early and put up this thread and cross-posted it to /London.
I wanted to know if it was possible, so I set aside 80,000 DOGE, had it ready to rip and went to see if anyone would take me up on the offer.
In the end, 7 out of the 10 burgers were claimed:
imjustjoshing (and friends)
And it was a great deal of fun, coordinating with each of them as they made their way to BurgerBear - Adjam had trekked there from the other side of London to get his - and getting them all to the pub (@TheOldNunsHead) where - as it turns out - @BurgerBearTom was hosting his birthday bash.
It also turned out, as adjam later pointed out to me, to be Ðoge Day (02/08)!
In fact, if there's one theme to the whole day, it's that 'the timing ended up working out really well'.
Because there also ended up being a bit of a Dogecoin mini-meetup, as two groups actually got together and snapped this:
And This:
Inspired by how this was all playing out so well, I hopped on twitter and spread the news
Immediately, @Adult and @PeterOdeus chimed in on the conversation. Next thing I know, retweets and favorites are flying, lots of general cheer and merriment -- and then @Adult asked if they could kick in some Doge to help feed the locals.
Well, @BurgerBearTom posted his donation address
And then... yeah.
Donations everywhere
Which caught Tom a bit by surprise
Over 200K tipped!
Pics from what came next:
Looks like
They had
Some fun!
And on his Birthday Bash, no less. I'm sure it was going to be a busy night... I like to think that maybe we helped push it over the top... a bit.
By the end of the night, outside of the 56k DOGE sent his way from the morning, he'd gotten another 250,000+ in random DOGE tips.
Tom seemed pleased
The funny thing about this is that I'd been wracking my skull trying to find ways to reach out - to get Dogecoin outside of this sub, how to make real connections with people.
It's food.
Good Food
Good food, great times, merriment - showing folks that this crazy, silly 'internet money' can turn into hot, delicious food -- or, as gargoylenz discovered, a tall frosty pint of beer -- before your very eyes.
Sharing in the merriment, creating memories together -- that's the next step. That's how we move Dogecoin forward - little by little. Winning hearts and minds as we go.
I now know what my next goal is and, I think you're all going to like it.
You see, I had a bit of a conversation with Tom - how he'd gotten into Bitcoin as sort of a marketing thing, to see if he couldn't drum up some more business. It worked, but he wasn't getting all that much. But DOGE... Doge had been, so far, a huge success. People were showing up and they were buying. And they were enthusiastic.
Now, if that doesn't describe my fellow Shibes, I don't know what will.
So, now that I'm all sorts of inspired by this whole thing, here's what I want to do:
I want to find more restaurants that will accept Dogecoin and give them our business.
I want restaurant owners to see that if they support us, we'll support them.
Get them to take a chance on us and have it pay off in a big way.
I don't have a TON of DOGE left, but here's what I'm going to do - we can think of this sort of like a DOGE FOOD faucet.
I've created /DogeFood
Right now, I have... 150,000 DOGE left.
If you can find a restaurant in your area that will let you pay in DOGE, I will buy you something to eat.
Much of this is going on the honor system - I'll try to vet everyone, but I'm trusting you all.
The rules are as follows:
  1. Set it up with me BEFORE you go. If you just show up with a bill and expect to have it paid, it will not happen.
  2. Put me in touch with the owner of said restaurant (website, twitter, etc).
  3. We'll put together a plan and make it happen.
  4. You must document the whole trip in photo and/or video and share it with the community.
  5. I'll pay the base check in DOGE, you pay the tip (in whatever currency you like).
  6. Not a 'rule' but: This sub will rely entirely on the generosity of the community. If you have a meal bought for you, thank the community and please pay it forward.
Sound fair?
I want to thank everyone involved in this whole crazy day, it seems like there've been some incredibly positive experiences made with Dogecoin, and I want to see more of them happen.
Let's use our DOGE to make some memories, fill some bellies and add just a touch more merriment and joy to the world.
It's 8:01AM EST and we're at 46.60% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is on a sharp rise from ~97 to ~100 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is spiking from ~1386 to ~1495.
Oh! Before I go I want to give a shout out to zimonitrome the winner of the Dogecoin Hype Video Contest - if you haven't yet seen it, it's a fantastic effort and 'Ð is for Dogecoin' definitely deserved the top spot. Check it out HERE
Also, in case you missed it, here's how Dogecoin is doing in the news:
Finally, if you're looking to spend some DOGEs, consider checking out:
As always, I appreciate your support!
TL;DR: Bought some people on the other side of the world some free Burgers with Doge. It blew up into a big thing.
EDIT 2: That didn't take long! There's a donut drive on the go on Twitter for Strange Donuts right now! 40k raised already! Amazing!
EDIT: felloutboy just shared "I'll be back buying lunch there next week only this time I'll give him real cash. He's losing money on the dogecoin sales because he's saving up what he gets in doge and bitcoin to fund a local charitable project." -- can we maybe see about getting him some local news coverage? An article or something. Let's get him some good promotion to drive some cash sales as well! :D)
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 51 - Dogecoin International

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
Hola! 你好! Salut! مرحبا! Goeiedag! 안녕하세요! Halo! Hei! नमस्ते! Guten Tag! שלום! Halló! Ciao! こんにちは!ສະບາຍດີ! Sveiki! Здраво! سلام! Cześć! Olá! ਹੈਲੋ! Buna ziua! Приветствие! Хало! Hej! Merhaba! Алло! สวัสดี! خوش! Xin chào! Helo! Kaabo! Sawubona! Apa Khabar!
-- Many apologies if I've forgotten, or misspoke in your language, I've spent a good little while on Google Translate this morning, but hopefully you'll see my intent :D) --
One of the (many) wonderful things about Dogecoin is that it seems to be coming into its own as a truly international currency.
Personally speaking, I just love the idea that, despite all the barriers between us - geographically, linguistically, heck, even politically - we can, no matter where we are in the world, find and be drawn to this silly, cute little Doge.
Now, my new most-favourite Australian (sorry Tim Minchin!) is wont to say 'It's just a Dog on a coin'.
But it really is so much more than that.
There's a playfulness inherent in the meme, passed on through to the coin -- a connection that binds us all, no matter your mother tongue.
Kindness, compassion, friendship, appreciation.
These are things that make make our coin, and our community, special. And they're concepts that are important no matter where you are.
Because I think we'd all like to have a few more friends in our lives... and it's exciting to know that this powerful symbol of friendship has been taken up with that same growing excitement all over the world.
Even today, I'm watching our front page as my fellow Shibes share the joy of watching Dogecoin show up on the front pages of Germany and Japan.
For a long time our leaders have told us that we're a 'Global community'... but you know, I have to admit that I've never really felt it -- until I came to this sub. We have Shibes from all over the world coming here, daily, sharing ideas and having a laugh and enjoying themselves... together.
And yet, as I've pointed out before, there's none of that normal my country is so great politics... no chest thumping or braggadocio. If our nation comes up in conversation, it's an afterthought or a welcome detail. Here on /Dogecoin, there are no nation lines. We all just get along.
Because we want to.
I'm incredibly proud of the new friends I've made here, the fantastic people who are the heart and soul of this sub and it doesn't matter where you're from.
And that's why, when I imagine our rocket in my mind's eye, I don't see it as something all shiny and new but plastered with flag stickers and scrawled all over in pen and marker - messages of goodwill and hope from all over the world; Our friends, strapped in side-by-side, sharing seats and tales.
All of us looking up to that same moon and dreaming of something better.
Welcome Shibes, new friends and old - no matter what nation you call home. It's going to be one heck of an adventure!
And we're just getting started.
It's 7:48AM EST and we're at 54.66% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is spiking hard from ~64 to ~83 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is holding strong at ~1056.
If you'd like to organize Dogecoin-related events in your area (or just meet other Shibes from your neck of the woods) there are many international Dogecoin subs available and growing.
(if I've forgotten any - or there are any meetups you want to organize, please let me know in the comments and I'll add them!)
As always, I appreciate your support!
TL;DR: Dogecoin is coming into its own as an international currency as other nations are discovering our cute, silly little Doge and being drawn to it; no matter where they're from or what language they speak. Our core values of kindness, compassion, friendship and appreciation transcend language and speak to the heart - no matter where you are on Earth, we're all looking up to that same moon, together.
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To raise the price of doge we need to use it! (List of stores/exchanges that will accept doge!)

While I love donating and tipping, doge needs to be spent on goods and services to gain value.
Now I'm not saying we should stop tipping and donating, but we should also spend some more on goods and services! Let the doge flow!
And in the light of doge4water being funded I think we should give ourselves a little present too!! So it's time to buy with doge!
Note: I am not responsible for any experiences or transactions in any of these exchanges or stores. Nor am I affiliated with any of them.
If you know of any others just PM me them and I will add them as soon as I can
Stores/Donation Sites:
This list is not comprehensive, if I missed anything PM me and I can add it.
Directory/Sites like Ebay or Craigslist:
Again this list is not comprehensive. If you have any more suggestions please PM me
(Some of the stores aren't listed but are on the directories and some sites are listed and on the directories, by the way)
And finally a video for you guys :).
To the moon fellow shibes!
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In honor of Bitcoin $1,000*, here's a list of Mt. Gox's valued customers (*Price is not reflective of the actual value of bitcoin)

I've compiled a list of Mt. Gox's "valued customers" from its twitter stream. Ask yourself if a legitimate company would have a similar stream and lack of customer support.
It's time to put Mt. Gox out to pasture. They were a phenomenal innovator, but it's now just a dangerous exchange.
Note: I'm on this list, too.
GMolenkamp, LaunchByte, 01101O10, MADinMelbourne, LondonBTCMeetUp, DuhHamza, snail365, AntoineSL, IIIPROIII, jordandegeus, DClark2014, Pirucho, harmvanderven, gtklocker, jamesjcousins, djbooth007, EnumaElish, jonnyhsy, abelevii, baihk, matsimo, RusselDalton, lifemanifesto, strip911, user16782173, vurbinaporrero, ActlHumanBeings, ch25061, PatrickAgut, AsherWolf, trader_bitcoin, fuckspacedrumma, bitcomsec, CryptoDirect, BravoCrazy, apap100, jujueyeball, sinonevero, Christopherglaw, cryptosecurity, mowheeler, yuri_koval, panatha192, hyph3nx, twobitidiot, AegisFS, elreystadesnudo, B2Benb2, mvanhorn, SiliconPM, BitcoinZilla, kaizen7, CElston, LamassuBTC, ansgarjohn, Arganaut, frizbninja, milto117, angrymofo, ZagaloZ, yugz777, BTCguess, fsbtnews, danicellero, evilthought, kazanture, RenegadeMinds, daniellauhlig, zhenghaox, speed2606, klinthoufy, anarcoin, TConspiracyChef, Sanelino, supershares, alexisvos, NoEyeSquareGuy, DHQNgo, jaysu, simonhopper, elreystadesnudo, B2Benb2, JoeCroninSHOW, Unguided, iZoo3y, cpmccurdy, RvZwiggelaar, hilldoc, doctorzaius, jasonmcbeath1, patrickakerman, LABLEVI, tcomfb, mvanhorn, SiliconPM, Trancez0r, AirBoyNoises, _CharlieHaley, nipponese, frenki07, Pimpmycoin, SpaceCashApp, biatch0r, Sturgeongroup, JamesGMorgan, BitcoinZilla, kurtvarner, NeverLoseVision, RvZwiggelaar, japes, bphillab, Kf_Lenz, salojc2006, btcdrak, bitcoinsandwich, Heidern2, SpikeeeN, rexuslexus, BorderedHessian, mechanimal82, simonhopper, walidjsanchez, nughaud, sfaigan, chen_mingming, liberaleco, tiagofaia22, Cryptowhore, Sabelo_Maduna, OpenECommunity, Peercoin_Info, BitcoinSachs, darzin, matth3wpeng, ltbitcoin, idiot, ridreis, AlanRHooper, TConspiracyChef, RedScareBot, wr, TheTommyD, nataliew2, koinsmart, Nysedaytraders, leetwitbc, _amckenna, SFBitcoinTaxi, stuwyatt, zapnap, NHLaundryKing, TiberiKo, CUSSBRO, dantoml, Coinboard, jongold, atef_drira, TVeleckovik, Supreme_Mentor, DeusExJuice, Bitcoin_Bum, _ShaSoftware, VestaTrader, BitcoinFound, Nicky_PoohBear, TiberiKo, 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Pemburry Tavern Pub in London, on the other hand, allows revelers to pay for drinks using Bitcoin. Burger Bear, a food joint located in London also accepts Bitcoin payments as well as The Pink Cow ... London Burger Stall Conducts 25% of Sales in Bitcoin and Dogecoin Joon Ian Wong May 30, 2014 A quarter of Burger Bear's takings are now in cryptocurrencies – with lots of support from the ... Burger Bear owner Tom Reaney is probably the first street food vendor in the UK to take bitcoin payments. This London Street Food Stall Will Sell You An Artisan Burger For Bitcoin News Learn ... While bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies tend to be speculative investments that people hold, buy and sell to build a diversified portfolio, it’s also becoming increasingly possible to spend bitcoin on everyday things.. To find ATMs and kiosks to convert your coins to cash, see our map above and the searchable list at the end of this article. Where to spend bitcoin in the UK Burger Bear street food stall in Shoreditch, London is another worthy place to pay for your food in Bitcoins. Purchase there an artisanal beef burger laced with a special spicy sauce, which is nothing out of the ordinary in this hip part of east London. All you need to do is to scan Burger Bear’s QR code to transfer the payment. 3.

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The Best Burger I've Ever Made SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K

The best burger I've ever made - think in n out double double animal style... only better! 🔴Part 2: - Which burger do you think ... A&Z #224 – Atlas vs The Great Bear Burger Challenge at Bear On The Square!! (UK Tour 2015 – Day #15 / Challenge #15) Hey everybody! It's day #15 of my 2015 U... #burger #london #cheeseburger follow walking around london on instagram for the chance to win £20, £50, £100, £200, £500 in food vouchers at some of the best... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Sometimes the scientific method takes us to new frontiers. Thanks to Bill and Melinda Gates for partnering with me on this video. Check out the 2020 letter h...