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PCI-e to USB Card Passthrough Suggestions

My POS motherboard only has ONE usb controller, which means I'm unable to pass it through to my Windows gaming VM. I need to do this as my Xbox wireless adapter is really wonky with just USB passthrough, and the only way to get around this is to passthrough an entire USB controller. Pretty sure this is a KVM issue as I've never had any issues passing through USB devices on ESXi.
I have an mATX build with a huge graphics card, so my PCIe x2 slots are blocked off, but I managed to use one of those bitcoin mining rig extender cables to "breakout" the slot. My inelegant plan is to just get a PCIE to USB card and mount it externally.
Anyone have any suggestions for a good card that works with unRAID? I see a lot of cheap options on eBay/Amazon. Used server grade cards would be ideal.
I'm even open to alternate suggestions. Things I've thought about:
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Try this with a potatobox...one gaming PC, three rooms.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who games in more than one room, but there's no way I could afford a high end rig at every spot. So I figured why not put all my cash into one mega rig and have it serve double duty....scratch that, triple duty! I'm also into AV/Home theater and hate input lag, so steam streaming isn't gonna cut it.
The PC lives in the office...this is where the mouse/kb gaming happens. PC speakers aren't going to cut it, so I've got a receiver feeding two pioneer bookshelves and a sub under the desk. From here, I run a 75ft HDMI cable, ethernet cable, and USB cable down to the basement.
In the basement I've got a full dedicated theater...96" screen, 1080p projector, 5.1 paradigm studio speakers powered by an anthem mrx300, and a completely ridiculous 2000W 18" velodyne sub right behind the leather couch. No need to worry about a loud PC making a lot of noise, because it's on the other side of the house! The USB cable feeds into a hub, where I attach all the wireless receivers for controllers, bluetooth, etc. I usually use a dual shock 4 for gaming down here. Before I feed the HDMI into the receiver, I use a splitter to send another 30ft HDMI upstairs. The ethernet plugs into a switch to feed all the consoles and other gear, and I run another cat6 up to the living room as well...everything is hardwired.
Up in the living room I've got a 60" panasonic ST30 plasma and a pioneer soundbar for some "casual" gaming. I ended up not needing to run another USB hub for the controller because the dual shock 4 runs perfectly fine wirelessly through the floor. The best part? It barely works with the PS4 sitting in the same rack as the BT adapter...ain't that a B.
You'd think all of this would be a PITA to manage, but all you literally have to do is turn the receiver or the TV to the PC's HDMI input, and it automatically switches everything. Otherwise, it's outputting to the monitospeakers in the office by default.
There's absolutely no way you could do this with a console - for one, you'd never be able to extend the range of the controller. God forbid you needed to put in a disc, you'd need to run around the house. And although you can probably make it work with enough HDMI splitters, the dual video output makes things super easy. Why spend $1200 on three PS4s when you can spend it on a few GTX 780's that you can actually use wherever you are? It's not nearly as hard as it sounds, and it saves a TON of money to consolidate everything into one system instead of spreading your gear thin across a few. Even if you don't want to get as crazy as me with the wiring, steam home streaming does work pretty well on super cheap PCs.
And to top it all off, when the PC is idle, it mines bitcoin...because why not?
Console cheaper than PC....pfft.
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Mini Bitcoin Mining Rig with 11 USB Block Erupter from ...

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